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CADR and Filter Grades Explained

CADR stands for “Clean Air Delivery Rate”. The higher the CADR result, the more clean air an air purifier can produce in a given time. CADR reflects the overall air cleaning performance of an air purifier taking into account the technologies, designs, components used, and not just the filter media.

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All You Need to Know About HEPA Filters

A filter is one of the most crucial components of an air purifier. It catches airborne particles from the air and allows clean air to pass through. As important as it is, there have been many questions surrounding filters, such as “What type of filter is the best?” and “Why do we have to replace filters instead of just cleaning them?” This article will explain to you the mechanics of a filter, answer frequently asked questions, and help you better understand what you should be focusing on when choosing a good air purifier.

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Coronavirus: Dapat Menyebar Lewat Udara, Benarkah?

WHO menghimbau social/physical distancing, menjaga jarak tubuh 1 - 2 meter untuk menghindari penularan dan pemakaian maskerpun dianjurkan hanya untuk orang yang sakit dan yang memiliki gejala, bukan yang masih sehat. Namun, seiring perkembangan, ditemukan fakta baru mengenai penyebaran SARS-CoV-2 lewat udara.

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