Steamkleen HOMEPRO

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  • Membersihkan dengan air biasa yang dipanaskan menjadi uap sepanas 160 °C.
  • Tidak menggunakan bahan kimia yang dapat berbahaya bagi kesehatan.
  • Memiliki tekanan uap hingga 5 - 6.5 bar, dan panas yang konsisten.
  • Uap panasnya hanya mengandung 4% kadar air, menjadikannya sangat kering dan tidak lembab.
  • Dapat membersihkan hingga pori - pori permukaan.
  • Lebih efektif membersihkan permukaan dibandingkan pembersih tradisional.
  • Boiler yang terbuat dari bahan stainless steel.
  • Garansi 1 tahun.

Superior Cleaning

Steamkleen cleans more thoroughly than conventional cleaning.

Not only does it clean deep out, but it also sanitizes and disinfects any surfaces. The hot vapour and high temperature blast and penetrates deep into surface pores and crevices without damaging it.

Scientifically defined levels of "clean"

Kills Allergens, Germs, Bacteria and Fungi More Effectively

Cockroach and dust mite feces are the leading trigger of asthma and allergy at home. Lung USA and Asthma and the Allergy Association Foundation of America recommend using heat of at least 55oC to kill dust mites, including their eggs and larvae.

Steamkleen produces a temperature in excess of 160oC which destroys dust mites, pathogens, microorganisms, germs and bacteria including the antibiotic resistance MRSA.

Steamkleen’s unique hot “dry” vapour steam cleans without over wetting. The area treated is completely dry in a matter of minutes, which is important because dust mites, germs and bacteria thrive in humid environment.

Easy,Fast and Mess Free

Conventional cleaning requires you to spend long hours and hard labor to scrub, rinse and dry the area being cleaning.

Steamkleen simplifies your work, in just one simple step it performs three task, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.

Clean hard-to-reach places faster, easier and safer. Spend less time and effort scrubbing, squatting and stooping on hands and knees.

Surfaces cleaned with Steamkleen dry almost instantly, without further rinsing and disposal of dirty water. No need for buckets, mops sponges and scrubs, it's a virtually "mess free" way of cleaning.

Save Money

Eliminate or reduce monthly spending on multiple household chemicals, soaps, disinfectants or polishers.

A small amount of water is all you need for your daily cleaning tasks.

Environmentally Friendly

Using only ordinary tap water, cleaning your home with Steamkleen is safe and environmentally friendly through reduced chemicals and low water usage.

Steamkleen is beneficial for those who are sensitive to chemicals, especially when children and the elderly are present in the house.

Warna Red
Brand Steamkleen
Steam Water Content 4 - 6 %
Pressure 6.5 bar
Steam temperature 160°C
Steam regulation on steam hose Ya
Water Tank 2
Boiler volume 2.6 liter
Tangki air 1.3 liter
Pemakaian listrik 2600 watt
Heating time 4 - 5 min
Steam production Continuous Flow
Power cable 7 m
Water level alarm Visual & Acoustic
Pressure alarm Visual
Boiler Material Stainless steel AISI 304
Ukuran (pxlxt) 330 x 410 x 410 mm
Berat 7.8 kg
Masa garansi 1 tahun
Isi di dalam box 1 Steamkleen Home Pro, 1 Steam hose 2450 mm, Extention wand, Rectangular brush, 1 Funnel, 1 Drain opener, 1 Towel, 1 Pad rectangular brush, 1 Black nozzle, 1 Medium brush, 1 Small brush, 1 Window cleaner, 1 Black upholstery spatula, 1 Triangular brush
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