Stadler Form Theo

Rp. 4,980,000.00

ROOM SIZE: 40 m²

  • Kapasitas: 10 liter per hari
  • Ukuran ruangan: 40 m2
  • Energi terpakai: 280 watt
  • Tingkat kebisingan: 42 dB(A)
  • Dilengkapi dengan fitur hygrostat, automatic shut-off dan timer
  • Tangki air: 2.1 Liter
  • Dimensi produk: 305 x 516 x 216 mm
  • Berat produk: 11.4 kg
  • Garansi resmi: 1 tahun

Integrated Hygrostat

Dehumidifiers are a necessity in damp environments. The typical dehumidifier disrupts the continuity of a common space. Theo blends pleasing aesthetics and efficiency into contemporary or traditional spaces.

Programmable Operating Time

Theo's components are hand picked by Martin Stadler and his team of Swiss Engineers. Every unit is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure his quality will meet the expetations of our customers. Theo shuts off automatically when his 1.2-gallon tank is full, keeping your mind at ease. Simply use his pop-up handled water tank to easily empty Theo when full. Includes optional hose for constant drainage, allowing for ease and convenience.

Auto Switch Off Water Tank

His two-tone, sleek case and rounded edges cleverly hide such features as caster wheel making him easy to move around your space. Theo operates in spaces as cool as 41 degrees Fahrenheit and is equipped with an automated defrost mode.

Warna White
Brand Stadler Form
Ukuran ruangan 40 m²
Dehumidification Capability 10 liter/day
Tangki air 2.1 liter
Pemakaian listrik 280 watt
Tingkat kebisingan 42 dB(A)
Hygrostat Ya
Mode Automatic shut-off dan timer
Drainage hose length Ya
Display LED -
Rotary control -
Auto Shut - Off Ya
Ukuran (pxlxt) 305 x 516 x 216 mm
Berat 11.4 kg
Masa garansi 1 tahun
Isi di dalam box 1 Theo, 1 Kartu Garansi
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